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Only 1% of human trafficking victims are ever rescued. 


To end exploitation &  

human trafficking

The mission of Operation For Freedom is to eradicate the crime of sex trafficking and put an end to the cycle of commercial sexual exploitation. We do this by offering support and empowering those who have been affected by this issue.

In Person
what we do

Operation For Freedom is a dedicated organization that actively searches for vulnerable individuals and communities, and offers hope, assistance, and resources to help them. At the core of human trafficking is vulnerability, and it is through addressing this vulnerability that we can work towards preventing human trafficking altogether.

We recognize that it is crucial to not only rescue those who have already been exploited, but also to take preventative measures to protect our children and other vulnerable groups from falling victim to trafficking in the first place. That is why we focus on eliminating vulnerability and providing support to those at risk, as a means to ultimately prevent human trafficking from occurring. It is always better to take action to prevent a problem, rather than having to rescue and rehabilitate those who have already been affected.


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